Welcome to the Stark Sandblasting and Painting Company...an industry leader in surface cleaning, preparation and the application of protective coatings.

With multiple industry certifications, including DOT, and a best-in-class safety record, Stark Sandblasting and Painting Company provides a diverse suite of services to address virtually any surface treatment and protection challenge. From surface treatment and coating in the harshest operating environments to ensuring the safety of your workforce against a fire disaster, Stark Sandblasting and Painting Company is the company of choice for industries far and wide.

Complete Asset Management

Through our innovative approach and entrepreneurial spirit, we specialize in the full line of protective coatings, at your location or ours. Stark Sandblasting and Painting Company is your single source for asset protection.


The next generation of protection when you need it…
Stark Sandblasting and Painting Company introduced its new Fireproofing Division, Pyravert Asset Protection™, when major oil companies began to realize that conventional cement based fire protection materials did not provide the expected levels of fire protection in severe hydrocarbon fires or the durability resulting from the effects of aging and weathering. Intumescent Fireproofing was developed. The robust, durable nature of this Fireproofing System makes it suitable for a wide range of fire protection uses. Contact us or click on Fireproofing Services for more information.

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